Monday, 14 October 2013


Hey guys, remember to check your emails and remind your parents to book a session for the SPM next week :D enjoy the post exam activities in the meantime :DD

Monday, 23 September 2013

Digital Citizenship Profiling Exercise Sec 2

After the Workshop on last Monday.
Please complete the survey by today.
The following are the students who have complete the survey.
1 Irfan
2 Dylan
3 Berwyn

Thank you.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Holiday Homeworkkkk

Homework for the holidays~~

1. Assignment 13.3 Questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 8
2. Maths Performance Task

1. Geography Performance Task (I'll make another post on what we need to have for the PT)

1. Environmental Science Revision Paper (aka Biology revision paper)
2. Transportation Science Revision Paper (aka Physics revision paper)

1. Finish your physical model
2. Finish your presentation boards

And as you can see there is like a lot of work to be done -not inclusive of revision- , start on your work earlyy :) -i'm sorry for posting this so late but uh...-

Last but not least, while you guys study, remember to party since all work and no play makes S2-03 awesome peeps dull :D

~~ Yee Theng ~~

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Things tested for LT

Um so other than MT and Science here are all the topics we are tested on for LT2 :DD

1. Mensuration
2. Indices and Set Notation
3. Standard Form

1. Coast (everything about coast except formation)
2. Plate Tectonics
-Definition of Plate Tectonics
-Structure of the Earth

1. Narrative writing OR
2. Expository writing

1. Contact and Interaction
2. Age of Exploration (wow i actually remembered)


Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Homework of the day
Maths assignment 11.3 Q13,14,17
ISS reflections
History worksheets

Additional notes
Tomorrow no s&w
Change to friday

Friday, 26 July 2013

T3W4 Cyberwellness Lesson - Feedback Form

Dear Students

The lesson that you went through was designed by the Guidance Branch of the MOE (Student Development Curriculum Division), and piloted in several schools before rolling out to schools in Singapore.

Your feedback will therefore help the team to fine-tune and improve the lesson before they are implemented in all schools in Singapore. There is no right or wrong answer. Your honest response will be helpful to the team.

Click HERE to give feedback of the lesson.

25 July CE Lesson

Activity One
Please click the link to complete Activity One.


Saturday, 20 July 2013


Homework for the weekends

Whole of 10.4

1. Complete the two comprehensions by Monday
2. Finish the presentation slides by Monday (the group one)

Finish up the tables for Hard and Soft engineering

Find 3-5 archives for your files.

-Finish up your GPP by Monday
ensure everything that is needed is already inside.

Finish creating your Persona

also, take note of the new timetable :D

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Joywork - 18/7/13

- Complete exercise 10.2, questions 1 - 4 by Tuesday.
- Bring your maths file to school if you haven't done so.
- Also, if you have not done or hand in the previous worksheets, please hand them up to me as soon as possible.

- Finish your EL comprehension and summary by Monday, question paper has to be printed and answers have to be written.


- If you haven't done so, complete the persona part in your ADMT journal.

- Don't forget to finish your I&E reports (Income statements & such).

- Hand in your final Group Proposal by Monday.

Ain. x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Joywork :D

Here's today's homework :) -sorry for the late update-

-credits to NEWSEN and Super Junior-

For those who havent done the Ethical Dilemmas -like choose the most severe out of the seven and why- please complete it and post it on the English blog :)

Complete 10.1 - 2d, 2g, 2h and the whole of 10.2 :)

Complete the GRP - Group Research Proposal and the Material list. Also if you have yet to complete the google form, please do so ASAP :) in the meantime, please get your materials - as in buy the things you will need- and get a notebook for the data thing :P

thats all for homework :D enjoy completing your homework guys ^^

and be happy and dance lyke this after you have complete all assignments :D

-credits : B2ST-

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Heyyo guys sorry for the late update on the homework but here it is :)

Unit 6.2 by thursday

Complete the tables for all three projects

finish up your group report and storyboard and videoooo

Last but not least a friendly reminder to bring your thermometers to school for temperature taking :) 

Yesyes i dont care cuz you guys gotta bring your thermometer since its important d:

Thats all for today :D seeya all in CLASSROOOOM tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Welcome back to this school term kwahaha.

Hope the June holidays have been fruitful and useful for a long break for your minds :3

Any now for homework :>

1. Mensuration Unit 6.1 (by tomorrow) 
2. Mensuration Unit 6.2 (by the time we finish 6.1)

1. Complete the post on 3 possible projects to work on (by tomorrow)

1. Finish up your group journal by next ADMT class :)

Okayy so thats all for homework for now :) enjoy hahahaha ^____^

Monday, 1 July 2013

Youth Day Donation Envelope

Dear S203,

Please bring along some donation for the Youth Day Donation this Friday.

Thank you.

Best Regards
Mdm Yeo

Temperature Taking on 4 July

Hi S203,

Please bring along your thermometer for this thursday 4 July.
Please check that your thermometer is working.

Best Regards
Mdm Yeo

CE For 1 July

1.  Attire and Grooming Check

Students are to rectify the changes immediately if possible. 
Students who are unable to (eg those who need a haircut) will be given up to Wednesday (3 July) to make the necessary changes. 

2. Class Seating Arrangement

3. Setting up the Classroom Environment & Reminders
Please use the time for the following:
(i) Clean up the classroom. Remind the class that they need to ensure that they need to keep the classroom clean so as to ensure that everyone has a conducive learning environment.
(ii) Remind the Class Secretary to write down the class attendance, together with the list of absentees, on the top right hand corner of the whiteboard at the beginning of each day. The Class Secretary has to update the whiteboard if there are any changes in to the attendance in the course of the day.
(iii) Remind the class that they need to switch off the projector, lights, fans and air-conditioner when they leave the classroom.
(iv) Remind the lower Secondary classes that they need to ensure that they wait quietly outside the classroom after recess. As the upper secondary classes are having their lessons at that time, the noise level might distract them. 

4. Update of Students’ Particulars

5.  Reflection for the Class

3 positive traits of the class 
2 goals 
1 wish 

Thereafter, invite the students to pen down 3 personal goals, 2 things they look forward to this term and 1 wish that they have for the class. 

5. Reminders about students' well-being
Remind students that Term 3 will be a busy term with the following upcoming events:

§  Youth Day (T3W2) - Remind the students about the upcoming Inter-House Cosplay competition held during Assembly on 5 July 2013. Link to details. 
§  Racial Harmony Day (T3W3)
§  Digital Citizenship Week (T3W4)
§  National Day (T3W6)
§  Level Test 2 (T3W7/8)
§  Teachers' Day (T3W10)
§  EOY  (T4W3)

6. Inspirational Video
Youth Day is a special day celebrated by many countries in the world to appreciate the youths’ achievement in each country. It is also celebrated to promote the contribution of young people to their countries’ development. Different countries celebrate youth day on different dates based on certain event or occasion in the past which has significant event to the country.

As we commemorate Youth Day in a week's time, here is an inspirational video 

Title: "The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes."

Context of the video:
The girl in the video, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, daughter of David Suzuki, addresses the very first U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Rio. She is a 12-year old girl from Canada traveled to Brazil and spoke to the United Nations Earth Summit to speak the truth with such power and grace that she silenced the world. She called on grownups to follow the same rules we teach our children. She defined the role of the climate negotiators then and today her words ring truer than when she spoke them. Her speech has been heard by millions.

Here she is returning to Rio again in 2012. She explains from a new perspective why it is that she believes humanity will act to change our future. If you are interested in watching what she has to say 20 years after her speech as a 12 year old, click this link for the video. 

Questions to ask the class:
What is the change you can make in the world?
What change will you make in the world?
What change would you commit in doing?


Wednesday, 12 June 2013








actually thats it :D

those who didn't pass geography.

go revise.

i mean memorise.

i mean revise the Common Test stuff cuz there will be a retest~

oh um go revise kwahaha~ LIKE REALLY



Thursday, 25 April 2013


No homework today! but here are some bio notes :)

and yeah. It's in order :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Ahahaha. So Ain has left the job anddd so I'll post homework again.

Do the questions on Trigonometry :D The questions have been assigned :D

Hope you guys have completed the Physics revision worksheets because Mr Teoh is going to go through and it's the last Physics lesson we will be having with Mr Teoh.


Um so these are some things I took down from Bio just now.

Things that should mostly be studied:

- 5 Kingdoms
- How to name the organisms (italic in print, underlined when written. First word of the two names eg Homo sapient should be in caps.)

All the characteristics of the 5 kingdoms, especially the unique points.
*Vertebrate: Have backbone
*Invertebrate: Absence of backbone

Make sure you know the difference between dichotomous key in sentence and dichotomous key in a flowchart.

Difference in between biotic and abiotic environment

Relationship between organisms.
** State an example**

Read up on Threats To Biodiversity
-Carbon dioxide (*Carbon Cycle*)
1. Word Equation
2. Chemical Equation

- Raw materials needed for photosynthesis

Um study more on Similar and Congruency cuz it has a heavy weightage. (according to ms gwen)
Please also study the others!

Study all the E-Journals up to E-Journal 5

Study the Tang, Gupta, Qing and uhh.. The Golden Age. Basically all that we have learnt!

Please check which components we are tested on and study hard if you are weak at it :)

And yeah! I think that is all that we need.


xx Yee Theng xx

Friday, 12 April 2013

Joywork - 12/4/12

Since Yee Theng hasn't been updating the homework and stuff, I'll take over the job.
Yay for me (*´▽`*)ノ

- Look through the Maths PT, try to do it if you can.
- Complete the Tier B questions of the congruency lecture notes by the next maths lesson (which is by next Tuesday).

- Finish all the Science worksheets that includes the past year science paper, bio worksheet & and the DC circuits worksheet.

- Search videos on channelisation.

Oh and remember to study for the common test. All the best for the flashmob tomorrow and the people in guitar, fencing and wushu for their competitions this coming week. (σ´・v・`*)

ain x

Sunday, 17 March 2013


YES. okay so its the time for holidays. BUT also time for Homework soooo~

1. For those who passed their maths, you should do the worksheet with "Band 2" on it.
For those who failed, you should have gotten another worksheet.
These were given by Ain.

2.  Simultaneous Equations worksheet

1. Complete your first draft of the storyboard by Term 2 Week 1.

2. Bring your red files to school EVERYDAY

As for ADMT, Geo, Eng, Sci, CL/ HCL/ ML/ HML do your PT

IRS complete your report (if you have not already done so) and create your presentation slides and practice them.

I&E do your video :D

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Here's today's homework~

Please complete worksheet Unit 3.1
Complete your corrections for maths especially those who needs to show their files to Mr Chua for file checking.
Complete Page 58, Pg59, Page 60 Q3 and page 61 on the maths lecture notes

Please bring along your science red file. Please be reminded it is the A4 sized thin file and NOT the ring file that we use for maths.
Read through the notes of the science worksheet.
Leaders of each group to submit a draft of the storyboard on the first day when school reopens.
The following are what you should do for your storyboard:

Group 1 (register no. 1 to 4) and Group 4 (Register 13-17) - Petrol Prices increase
Group 2 (register no. 5-8) - Carbon Dioxide increase
Group 3 (register no. 9 to 12) Food price increase
Group 5 (register no 18 to 22) Oil prices

HAnd in your files tomorrow and place them at the cabinet

SUbmit your reports and edit all your blogs by Friday latest.

I think thats all for homework :D

The others, like I&E, ADMT, Geo and MTL/ HTML  just do your PT :D

Monday, 11 March 2013

Subject combinations booklet

22 May 2013

Subject Briefing for Sec 3 options

Please read through the booklet that you have gotten today  and share the booklet with your parents regarding the subject combinations.

Thank you!

Morning Assembly Venue on Tue & Thu

Morning Assembly will be in the canteen on Tuesday and Thursday.

Friday, 8 March 2013


Here's today's homework :D

1. ADMT actual scripting
2. Maths worksheet
3. Bring sci file on monday
4. Hand in sci paper on monday latest
5. Do first question/page on the science homework
7. History file to be done up by Monday :D
8. Refer to the Chinese Blog for content page of your Chinese File.
   To be handed in on Next Tuesday.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Service Learning Discussion

Today AT 12:45 pm-12:55 we discussed on our Service Learning project to determine our community partner, target beneficiaries and nature of service.

Monday, 18 February 2013

20130218 (I) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

What it means to be Digital Citizens? 
me, myself and my cyber persona

Activity 1A
Watch the following video and post your responses as comment to the questions that follows Video is on “On-line Dangers”.

This video is about a young girl who is chatting to a man she does not know. The man asks her to meet him and she does. She really likes the man and thinks he makes her feel special! but is that really the truth?

Should you encounter any difficulty accessing the above site click the following alternative sites:  The Social Media Revolution

Activity 1B

Reflection Questions 1 (Post as comments.)

  • What are the nature of the cyber dangers presented in the scenario?
  • Why do you think she succumbed so easily to the temptations that eventually led her to be a victim?
  • Why is it so easy to assume a different persona online?

20130218 (II) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

Dangers in Cyberspace - my digital footprint 

Activity 2A

Before start of video ask yourself the following question: 
What is digital footprint?

Watch the following video and post your responses as comment to the questions that follows:

Digital Footprint

Activity 2B 

Reflection Questions (Post as comments.)

The questions for reflections include:

  1. Reflect on the imminent dangers presented in the video on ‘Digital Footprint’
  2. Why do you think many people are ignorant of such dangers?
  3. What do think should be done to make people aware of these dangers.

Digital Footprint
Is basically everything on the internet that is about you! Sometimes content about you may be viewed by people you don’t know. Your digital footprint may include photos, audio, videos, blog posts, posts you write on friends’ walls. Like all information on the internet, it can be permanent. Remember - internet information has a global audience.

20130218 (III) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

Revisiting 4Rs

Activity 3





Apply the 4Rs in cyberspace.

Note with the choice you make - you must also bear the consequences.
Click on the following to set the context for Consequences


Activity 4 (Class work)

Class (Community) Guidelines

‘If you were in charge of writing YouTube’s Community Guidelines, what would you include?’

Setting the Context:

YouTube’s Community Guidelines are the ‘rules of the road’ for our users when posting content and engaging on the platform. They outline the level of responsibility, which is expected of all users. The Community Guidelines are linked to from the bottom of every YouTube page under ‘Terms’ and are written in clear, easy to understand, jargon-free language so that all users can be clear on what the YouTube rules are.

Students break into groups of 4-5 and each group should post their Class (Community) Guidelines in order of importance on the Class Blog. Post as Comments.

From this list, as a class, craft a Class Pledge on Social Media Guidelines and post it as a new entry in Class Blog.

Prizes will be given to the best entries.

On-line Final Survey

Activity 5 (LD activated & LD down once done) - student focused(individual work) 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Joywork - 13/2/13


1. complete the worksheet
2. Bring your folder for maths


1. Complete online worksheet
2. Have at least 3 archives in your file


1. Complete your AA By next monday

Thats all for today :D and start revising for LT 1 :>

xx Yee Theng xx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Joywork - 7/2/13.

 - Try to complete your group ADMT journal.

- English assessment by 18/2/13, refer to the rubrics paper given today.

- Finish your research questionnaires/surveys if your group have yet to do so.
- Finalise your combined literature review with the improvements that have to be done.
- Insert pages in your IRS blogs (Literature review, Planning of Research, Research Methodology and the Minutes)

- Complete the log bacaan on the cerpen that Cikgu Arfah gave to everyone.

That is all for today.
ain. xxx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Joywork 6/2/13

- Complete the Mini Task on page 29.
- Remember to bring your orange ring file next wednesday as there will be filing

- Revise for the upcoming 听写 as there will be a test on it.

- Insert pictures or videos in your e-journal as it will be checked tomorrow.

- Finish and hand it to Ain:
Page 41
Tier A Q1b, Q1c, Q1d
Tier B Q1c, Q2
Page 43
Tier C Q1, Q2

That's all for homework, have fun! ^~^

Sunday, 3 February 2013


Sorry for the late update but here is the homework:

 Update your blog with the combined lit review and whatever is required to be inside (please refer to previous post)

Reasons why you choose a certain type of partnership to be up on the I&E Blog

To be done on foolscap paper:

Page 41
Tier A Q1b, Q1c, Q1d
Tier B Q1c, Q2
Page 43
Tier C Q1, Q2

Letter writing on foolscap paper. Please write according to the formal letter format.

enjoy completing your homework :DDD

xx Yee Theng xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Joywork - 29/1/13


1. Oral
-about the best/worst day of my (aka your) life

2. Letter Writing worksheet


1. Choose a kind of partnership as a group
2. reason why you chose that particular partnership.


1. Bring Ring file for maths.

1. IRS Summary of combined Lit. Review
- Introduction

2. Finalisation of Lit. Review
- Compilation of all lit reviews.
- max of 1 1/2 pages
- to be submitted both in soft copy and hard copy.

3. In your blogs, please have the following:
- To have minutes of meeting
-Combined Lit Review
-Proper Citations


Personal study timetable to be in by next monday

Monday, 28 January 2013

CE Lesson

This is a summary on what we have done today for CE Lesson.

1. Junior Student Council/ PSB - 8 Feb

-Talk for the various Leadership roles on 6 Feb

2. Form Collection - Assessment plan for parents.
3. Letter to myself - Tuesday
4. Fee collection and Enrichment form
5. Time Management Schedule
6. VIEW Survey

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Friday Assembly Seating Plan

Dear 203lings,

Please sit according to your index number for tomorrow's assembly in the Auditorium.
The class has been allocated Row 3 and seat number is your index number.
Thank you.

Mdm Yeo

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


here's the homework for the day :D

- History slides to be sent in by today 2pm

- Geography video done by tomorrow's Geography class

- Resource 1.6 (A Letter of Protest) completed by tomorrow's class

- Light homework to be done by next Monday

- A Letter to My Future Self by next CE lesson (28/1)


Watch the videos and critique on the videos. Please only critique on the video that is assigned to you. Refer to the allocation below. You would need to watch the rest of the video so that you know what is going on when we can discuss as a class. 

Video 1: Index No. 1,2,3,4,5
Video 2: Index No. 6,7,8,9,10
Video 3: Index No. 11,12,13,14,
Video 4: Index No. 15,16,17,18,
Video 5: Index No. 19,20, 21,22

Video 1: Long Distance Relationship - The Long Distance Relationship - Short Film

Video 2: Sight Systems - A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems

Video 3: Ah Kong - Ah Kong [阿公] - A short film on dementia by Royston Tan

Video 4: Incredible Bond - An Incredible Bond | Jubilee Project short film

Video 5: Picture Perfect - Picture Perfect | Jubilee Project short film

Name your file as: Class_Index no._Video Critique 3.

To be submitted on

- Homework has been posted on the previous blog post

听写改正Corrections Hand in the corrections to Jun Kai tomorrow


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Letter to Myself

Submission Date: Next CE lesson ( Mon 28 Jan)
Friday Assembly: 25 Jan 2013 (Fri) 
S2 Assembly: Talk by Autodesk (organised by ADMT Dept) (Auditorium)
- Pls  be at the venue by 12 pm sharp. We have an invited speaker for the event.

*Your current thoughts and feelings about life
*Your feelings for your family
*Where you are at in your life and where you want to be. This could apply to where you want to be physically, financially, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and any other --lly ending word.
*Your current likes and dislikes
*Your goals Your dreams
*Places you want to see
*Where you want to live
*Habits you want to have formed
*Habits you want to have changed
*The type of person you want yourself to become 

Monday, 21 January 2013


Homework for the day


to be completed up to pg 17


For those who have yet to hand in their file and homework, please do so by tomorrow.


Drawing to be done by today and placed in e-Journal.


2 slides on why you chose the factor in class.


The remaining Lit. Reviews are to be in by this Friday 5pm.
The data collection should be in by this Friday 5pm as well.


In your groups, come up with the following:
- A product
- The industry <of which your product is under>
- Tagline <Slogan>
- How yo build your brand?


Please remember to complete a story based on the numbers we selected

thats all for today and sorry for the late update for those waiting for the homework.

xx Yee Theng xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Guys um just to tell you guys my LD is like dead and i dun hv my charger so yeahh. And this is the homework for the weekends


Create a story based on the numbers created in class and another set of randomly selected 4 numbers 



Do page 12 Qn 8 and page 13 Qn 1,2,4 on foolscap by Monday


Complete your drawing and scan it and place it in the e-Journal


Goal Setting on Foolscap

Science :

Wave Homework

Filing to be completed by Monday

Ummm. That should be all ^^

enjoy :3

xx Yee Theng xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Homework for 16/1/13

- Diagnostic Test - Thursday (Foolscap paper)
- Lecture notes - Thursday (pages 7, 8 and 9)

- Design a cover page with your name on it. It has to be related to historical events. - Thursday
- Label your file's dividers according to the following order:

1) Assignments
2) Assessments
3) Archives

- Have at least 3 articles on ancient civilisations in your file. - Thursday


- Complete the drawing of the Hydrological Cycle and insert into the e-Journal. - Coming Tuesday
- Bring a camera for the next lesson. 


- Wave homework. - Monday
- Filing as there will be a file check. - Friday

- Complete the GANTT Chart
- Have at least 3 Literature Reviews. - Sunday

Learn your 听写。

That's all for today... And have time enjoying your homework...

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Joywork - 15/1/2013


-Diagnostic Test due on Thursday (to be done on foolscap paper)
-Lecture notes (pg 7-9) to be completed by next class.


-Design a cover page with your name on it. It has to be related to historical events.
-Label your file's dividers according to the following order:


-Have at least 3 articles on ancient civilisations in your file by Thursday.


-Please bring something that resembles to you tomorrow (16/1/2013)


-Complete the drawing of the Hydrological Cycle and insert into the e-Journal
-Bring a camera for the next lessons.


-Complete the Homework on 'Wave' by next Monday.
-Finish your filing as there will be a file check.

-happy studying for Level Test :D

topics covered will be on Light and Wave


-Complete the GANTT Chart
-Place the information according to their respective pages.
-Have at least 3 Literature Reviews done by this Sunday.


Learn your chinese ting xie :D

Done :D Enjoy completing your homework~

xxYee Thengxx