Sunday, 17 March 2013


YES. okay so its the time for holidays. BUT also time for Homework soooo~

1. For those who passed their maths, you should do the worksheet with "Band 2" on it.
For those who failed, you should have gotten another worksheet.
These were given by Ain.

2.  Simultaneous Equations worksheet

1. Complete your first draft of the storyboard by Term 2 Week 1.

2. Bring your red files to school EVERYDAY

As for ADMT, Geo, Eng, Sci, CL/ HCL/ ML/ HML do your PT

IRS complete your report (if you have not already done so) and create your presentation slides and practice them.

I&E do your video :D

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Here's today's homework~

Please complete worksheet Unit 3.1
Complete your corrections for maths especially those who needs to show their files to Mr Chua for file checking.
Complete Page 58, Pg59, Page 60 Q3 and page 61 on the maths lecture notes

Please bring along your science red file. Please be reminded it is the A4 sized thin file and NOT the ring file that we use for maths.
Read through the notes of the science worksheet.
Leaders of each group to submit a draft of the storyboard on the first day when school reopens.
The following are what you should do for your storyboard:

Group 1 (register no. 1 to 4) and Group 4 (Register 13-17) - Petrol Prices increase
Group 2 (register no. 5-8) - Carbon Dioxide increase
Group 3 (register no. 9 to 12) Food price increase
Group 5 (register no 18 to 22) Oil prices

HAnd in your files tomorrow and place them at the cabinet

SUbmit your reports and edit all your blogs by Friday latest.

I think thats all for homework :D

The others, like I&E, ADMT, Geo and MTL/ HTML  just do your PT :D

Monday, 11 March 2013

Subject combinations booklet

22 May 2013

Subject Briefing for Sec 3 options

Please read through the booklet that you have gotten today  and share the booklet with your parents regarding the subject combinations.

Thank you!

Morning Assembly Venue on Tue & Thu

Morning Assembly will be in the canteen on Tuesday and Thursday.

Friday, 8 March 2013


Here's today's homework :D

1. ADMT actual scripting
2. Maths worksheet
3. Bring sci file on monday
4. Hand in sci paper on monday latest
5. Do first question/page on the science homework
7. History file to be done up by Monday :D
8. Refer to the Chinese Blog for content page of your Chinese File.
   To be handed in on Next Tuesday.