Thursday, 25 April 2013


No homework today! but here are some bio notes :)

and yeah. It's in order :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Ahahaha. So Ain has left the job anddd so I'll post homework again.

Do the questions on Trigonometry :D The questions have been assigned :D

Hope you guys have completed the Physics revision worksheets because Mr Teoh is going to go through and it's the last Physics lesson we will be having with Mr Teoh.


Um so these are some things I took down from Bio just now.

Things that should mostly be studied:

- 5 Kingdoms
- How to name the organisms (italic in print, underlined when written. First word of the two names eg Homo sapient should be in caps.)

All the characteristics of the 5 kingdoms, especially the unique points.
*Vertebrate: Have backbone
*Invertebrate: Absence of backbone

Make sure you know the difference between dichotomous key in sentence and dichotomous key in a flowchart.

Difference in between biotic and abiotic environment

Relationship between organisms.
** State an example**

Read up on Threats To Biodiversity
-Carbon dioxide (*Carbon Cycle*)
1. Word Equation
2. Chemical Equation

- Raw materials needed for photosynthesis

Um study more on Similar and Congruency cuz it has a heavy weightage. (according to ms gwen)
Please also study the others!

Study all the E-Journals up to E-Journal 5

Study the Tang, Gupta, Qing and uhh.. The Golden Age. Basically all that we have learnt!

Please check which components we are tested on and study hard if you are weak at it :)

And yeah! I think that is all that we need.


xx Yee Theng xx

Friday, 12 April 2013

Joywork - 12/4/12

Since Yee Theng hasn't been updating the homework and stuff, I'll take over the job.
Yay for me (*´▽`*)ノ

- Look through the Maths PT, try to do it if you can.
- Complete the Tier B questions of the congruency lecture notes by the next maths lesson (which is by next Tuesday).

- Finish all the Science worksheets that includes the past year science paper, bio worksheet & and the DC circuits worksheet.

- Search videos on channelisation.

Oh and remember to study for the common test. All the best for the flashmob tomorrow and the people in guitar, fencing and wushu for their competitions this coming week. (σ´・v・`*)

ain x