Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Homework of the day
Maths assignment 11.3 Q13,14,17
ISS reflections
History worksheets

Additional notes
Tomorrow no s&w
Change to friday

Friday, 26 July 2013

T3W4 Cyberwellness Lesson - Feedback Form

Dear Students

The lesson that you went through was designed by the Guidance Branch of the MOE (Student Development Curriculum Division), and piloted in several schools before rolling out to schools in Singapore.

Your feedback will therefore help the team to fine-tune and improve the lesson before they are implemented in all schools in Singapore. There is no right or wrong answer. Your honest response will be helpful to the team.

Click HERE to give feedback of the lesson.

25 July CE Lesson

Activity One
Please click the link to complete Activity One.


Saturday, 20 July 2013


Homework for the weekends

Whole of 10.4

1. Complete the two comprehensions by Monday
2. Finish the presentation slides by Monday (the group one)

Finish up the tables for Hard and Soft engineering

Find 3-5 archives for your files.

-Finish up your GPP by Monday
ensure everything that is needed is already inside.

Finish creating your Persona

also, take note of the new timetable :D

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Joywork - 18/7/13

- Complete exercise 10.2, questions 1 - 4 by Tuesday.
- Bring your maths file to school if you haven't done so.
- Also, if you have not done or hand in the previous worksheets, please hand them up to me as soon as possible.

- Finish your EL comprehension and summary by Monday, question paper has to be printed and answers have to be written.


- If you haven't done so, complete the persona part in your ADMT journal.

- Don't forget to finish your I&E reports (Income statements & such).

- Hand in your final Group Proposal by Monday.

Ain. x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Joywork :D

Here's today's homework :) -sorry for the late update-

-credits to NEWSEN and Super Junior-

For those who havent done the Ethical Dilemmas -like choose the most severe out of the seven and why- please complete it and post it on the English blog :)

Complete 10.1 - 2d, 2g, 2h and the whole of 10.2 :)

Complete the GRP - Group Research Proposal and the Material list. Also if you have yet to complete the google form, please do so ASAP :) in the meantime, please get your materials - as in buy the things you will need- and get a notebook for the data thing :P

thats all for homework :D enjoy completing your homework guys ^^

and be happy and dance lyke this after you have complete all assignments :D

-credits : B2ST-

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Heyyo guys sorry for the late update on the homework but here it is :)

Unit 6.2 by thursday

Complete the tables for all three projects

finish up your group report and storyboard and videoooo

Last but not least a friendly reminder to bring your thermometers to school for temperature taking :) 

Yesyes i dont care cuz you guys gotta bring your thermometer since its important d:

Thats all for today :D seeya all in CLASSROOOOM tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Welcome back to this school term kwahaha.

Hope the June holidays have been fruitful and useful for a long break for your minds :3

Any now for homework :>

1. Mensuration Unit 6.1 (by tomorrow) 
2. Mensuration Unit 6.2 (by the time we finish 6.1)

1. Complete the post on 3 possible projects to work on (by tomorrow)

1. Finish up your group journal by next ADMT class :)

Okayy so thats all for homework for now :) enjoy hahahaha ^____^

Monday, 1 July 2013

Youth Day Donation Envelope

Dear S203,

Please bring along some donation for the Youth Day Donation this Friday.

Thank you.

Best Regards
Mdm Yeo

Temperature Taking on 4 July

Hi S203,

Please bring along your thermometer for this thursday 4 July.
Please check that your thermometer is working.

Best Regards
Mdm Yeo

CE For 1 July

1.  Attire and Grooming Check

Students are to rectify the changes immediately if possible. 
Students who are unable to (eg those who need a haircut) will be given up to Wednesday (3 July) to make the necessary changes. 

2. Class Seating Arrangement

3. Setting up the Classroom Environment & Reminders
Please use the time for the following:
(i) Clean up the classroom. Remind the class that they need to ensure that they need to keep the classroom clean so as to ensure that everyone has a conducive learning environment.
(ii) Remind the Class Secretary to write down the class attendance, together with the list of absentees, on the top right hand corner of the whiteboard at the beginning of each day. The Class Secretary has to update the whiteboard if there are any changes in to the attendance in the course of the day.
(iii) Remind the class that they need to switch off the projector, lights, fans and air-conditioner when they leave the classroom.
(iv) Remind the lower Secondary classes that they need to ensure that they wait quietly outside the classroom after recess. As the upper secondary classes are having their lessons at that time, the noise level might distract them. 

4. Update of Students’ Particulars

5.  Reflection for the Class

3 positive traits of the class 
2 goals 
1 wish 

Thereafter, invite the students to pen down 3 personal goals, 2 things they look forward to this term and 1 wish that they have for the class. 

5. Reminders about students' well-being
Remind students that Term 3 will be a busy term with the following upcoming events:

§  Youth Day (T3W2) - Remind the students about the upcoming Inter-House Cosplay competition held during Assembly on 5 July 2013. Link to details. 
§  Racial Harmony Day (T3W3)
§  Digital Citizenship Week (T3W4)
§  National Day (T3W6)
§  Level Test 2 (T3W7/8)
§  Teachers' Day (T3W10)
§  EOY  (T4W3)

6. Inspirational Video
Youth Day is a special day celebrated by many countries in the world to appreciate the youths’ achievement in each country. It is also celebrated to promote the contribution of young people to their countries’ development. Different countries celebrate youth day on different dates based on certain event or occasion in the past which has significant event to the country.

As we commemorate Youth Day in a week's time, here is an inspirational video 

Title: "The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes."

Context of the video:
The girl in the video, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, daughter of David Suzuki, addresses the very first U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Rio. She is a 12-year old girl from Canada traveled to Brazil and spoke to the United Nations Earth Summit to speak the truth with such power and grace that she silenced the world. She called on grownups to follow the same rules we teach our children. She defined the role of the climate negotiators then and today her words ring truer than when she spoke them. Her speech has been heard by millions.

Here she is returning to Rio again in 2012. She explains from a new perspective why it is that she believes humanity will act to change our future. If you are interested in watching what she has to say 20 years after her speech as a 12 year old, click this link for the video. 

Questions to ask the class:
What is the change you can make in the world?
What change will you make in the world?
What change would you commit in doing?