Thursday, 11 July 2013

Joywork :D

Here's today's homework :) -sorry for the late update-

-credits to NEWSEN and Super Junior-

For those who havent done the Ethical Dilemmas -like choose the most severe out of the seven and why- please complete it and post it on the English blog :)

Complete 10.1 - 2d, 2g, 2h and the whole of 10.2 :)

Complete the GRP - Group Research Proposal and the Material list. Also if you have yet to complete the google form, please do so ASAP :) in the meantime, please get your materials - as in buy the things you will need- and get a notebook for the data thing :P

thats all for homework :D enjoy completing your homework guys ^^

and be happy and dance lyke this after you have complete all assignments :D

-credits : B2ST-

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