Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Homework for 16/1/13

- Diagnostic Test - Thursday (Foolscap paper)
- Lecture notes - Thursday (pages 7, 8 and 9)

- Design a cover page with your name on it. It has to be related to historical events. - Thursday
- Label your file's dividers according to the following order:

1) Assignments
2) Assessments
3) Archives

- Have at least 3 articles on ancient civilisations in your file. - Thursday


- Complete the drawing of the Hydrological Cycle and insert into the e-Journal. - Coming Tuesday
- Bring a camera for the next lesson. 


- Wave homework. - Monday
- Filing as there will be a file check. - Friday

- Complete the GANTT Chart
- Have at least 3 Literature Reviews. - Sunday

Learn your 听写。

That's all for today... And have time enjoying your homework...

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  1. for the english thing, we email it to Mr Arrrowood right?