Monday, 7 January 2013


Date: 7th Jan 2013

Hey guys :D So sorry for the late update but its up now so yeah!

1) Bring your yellow file. Inside the file, it should contain the following:

* 3 dividers (clean ones so please dont write anything on it 1st)
* Foolscap paper

2) Read up on Ancient Civilisation on the following countries:


If possible, please read on another civilisation of your interest :)


1) Accept invitation to the I&E blog if you have not done so.
2) Please comment on the post :P

#p/s, i think there isn't any posts yet though ><


Guys. There is a diagnostic test which is probably tomorrow so bring along your calculators, protractor etc :P

 Chinese Diagnostic test is on this Thursday so get ready guys xD

Extra notices
Lets all run to The idk what room after S&W straight for Geo and yeah :D 

cheers :D
Yee Theng